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Retail android app development

Toplocal is an android application developed for a retail local store and business. App has all features of local store profile, photos, reviews, offers, address, and store timing for retail sector of food, fashion, beauty, home decor and other retail business. This app useful for a retail consumer as well as a store owner to list his store online. We developed this application in Android platform with REST architecture web service response in JSON format from MySQL database.

Ethizone mCommerce app development

This android application is developed for Doctors his and his Patient. The feature of this application is in doctor’s panel they can add product and recommend his patients to purchase for a skin care product category. UI of this application is very simple for doctors and patient side, as patient easily can login app through FB or Google login and add order and get estimate of the product purchase. Web Services used with PHP JSON to allow fetch data in Mobile from MySQL database.

Festival Photo Frames Android App

A beautiful Android application development for Festival Photo Frames Post development, User can select recent festival and set his photo with frame and can share with any social wall. Good application to create all India’s festival frames and sharing in social posts. Design and development are very simple and easy that like the young generation.  

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