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Portfolio website Development

The website www.debasket.com is developed for one of our clients that provide one with portfolio stock of logos and images, from designers and photographers. It is developed using PhpZendFramework to take advantage of the strong base and create the conducive website. The major advantage is that Zend does not have its own model implementation of its own due to which new models can have experimented. Hence, it provides with plenty of scope for customization, which enables more appealing and personalized sites. The framework has very extensive validation component, using which website can be highly secured. Feel free to contact us for any custom portfolio management projects with all the features of the user profile with his work portfolio.

Retail Business Website Development

The project is of a retail business website design and development (portal) to integrate local businesses on a single platform. The site has been developed upon PhpZend framework to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Zend is a powerful PHP framework upon which robust websites can be built that can handle loads of traffic. Major advantage of zend framework is that it is very flexible and there is lot of scope for customization that turns out to helpful in meeting all requirements of businesses. This project is very scalable development for local business listing portal, which includes stores, areas, and store owner and end customers, store photos, location address and contact details. Also have store login dashboard to manage his store, and same [...]

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