In recent years, Android smart phone users have been increased in very large amount. We can say that popularity of android smart phones is very huge. Most people in world prefer android smart phones instead of apple, windows or Blackberry.

Hence Android is an open source, Many smart phone companies are using android OS for their Smart phones. People can have choice of their own preferable device for their use. So that people prefer android smart phones.

In the era of smart phones, there is many IT companies are developing android apps for android user and they have been used widely.

Because of huge amount of users, open source and user’s choice of device and many other advantages, Android smart phones are in demand because of this Android apps are in boom.

To make better Android app you need to understand user’s needs and interest about app and need to make sure for our customer satisfaction for our Android app.

To develop the best Android app, we should make various ideas on our apps and make sure that people like our app.

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