Terms of Services


Work on a project by Kumbh Design, Inc (mentioned only as Kumbh hereafter) will start only after receiving an upfront payment.

If the client requires additional services during the implementation of the project, additional charges, based on Kumbh’s rate structure, will be charged for the service/s.

Kumbh holds the right to put a project on hold or cancel it if any payment is not processed on time.

Once a payment method is decided during the order booking stage, Kumbh will charge the payment as per that method in all invoices. In order to change the payment method, client will have to contact in charge person at Kumbh.

No refunds and swap in project of payments will be made at Kumbh

Project Completion

Project completion may get delayed when:

  1. There is a delay in payment
  2. New requests for further work, including changes in the scope, design, structure, or content of the project are made.
  3. An additional service related to the project at later stage is added.
  4. Client Response on project updates in time is note.

If a project stalls for more than three weeks or we fail to get a word from the client, Kumbh holds the right to put the project on hold. It also holds the right to reassess the project cost when the project is reinitiated. Kumbh also holds the right to cancel the project without refund if the project work is stalled for three months.

Time frame estimates are approximate and are subject to change.

scope of work & charges

It’s solely Kumbh’s discretion as to the scope of service it can provide. Kumbh will not be responsible for providing any service that has not been defined in its scope of work at the time of order finalization.

All prices quoted on the kumbhdesign website are subject to change without notice. These prices are solely for the purpose of idea. To receive a quote for your project, please Contact Us at online(at)kumbhdesign.com .

website content & graphics

All photographs, graphics, content, logos in this website are representative work.

Links provided to other websites on the Kumbh website are for the purpose of representation of the scope of work Kumbh can provide. Kumbh is neither responsible nor liable for the content provided in links. Kumbh does not endorse or make any representations about these websites. If you access any of the third-party websites linked, you do so at your own risk.

Kumbh doesn’t assume any responsibility or liability for the content of the websites it designs and/or hosts. Kumbh has no control over any information, materials, or products found at the website. Kumbh’s clients are entirely responsible for all that is found in their websites.

Websites always appear differently on different computers due to technicality of web design and development. The client must be aware of these possible variations and Kumbh will not be held responsible for them.

If approved by the client, Kumbh would like to place a sign “Website Design by Kumbh Design” at the bottom of every web page created.

It’s Kumbh discretion to showcase the portfolio of its website projects, including screenshots, a link to the live website, a summary in their website or any other promotional material.

It must be clear to the client that only the final design becomes the property of the client. All other design options /revisions provided to the client during the development of the project continue to be Kumbh’s intellectual property and is in Kumbh’s discretion to provide as an option to any other client.

For Graphic and Web project we generally use reference graphics, images, icons with water mark from istockphoto.com and other such websites. If client chooses that design, images, icon the cost will be extra as actual quoted in the respective website.

In case a client finds any image, graphic, icon or other item which is not original then the client is requested to contact Kumbh within one month of completion of the project. If contacted within the stipulated period, we may replace the image or graphic after reviewing the client’s description. After the one month period lapses, Kumbh will not agree to any legal process.

In case you have questions about Kumbh’s terms and conditions, kindly do drop in an email hi(at)kumbhdesign.in.

We would feel proud to have you on our esteemed list of clients. We heartily appreciate and thank you for considering Kumbh Design, Inc for providing you the service required.