Internet trends keep upgrading every year. Hope you have your website live on internet, however something is wrong with your website; if you are not getting any business inquiries or phone call from your website.

There are 6 main signs that indicated your website needs to be work and need upgrades.

6 sign to website re-design6 sign to website re-design

6 sign to website re-design

Difficult to Navigate

If your website designed before 6 to 7 year back, then it is outdated and it has problems with the navigating your website by user, thus user will close your website and move with searching other vendor’s website to search his requested product or services. This will be your loss of business.  In this case you have to re-design your website with user-friendly navigation with target links, so use will have easy to send email or get a quotation for your services or product.

Too Much Text.

When any user come through your website, that mite searching your product or services, and in that case if there is too much text content on your will make user boring. In this case in your website display a good product or services image or video with relevant content that is required. (Do not add repetitive more content for SEO result, which will not help your site to come first in search)  Remember that a good content will attract the visitors to stay on the page for a while. You should concentrate to make interesting content for the website.

Website is old and outdated.

Check your website in mobile device, is that looks perfect? NO, it not looks good, The content of page and navigation hide in screen, text is not readable, images is not load faster and not able to find contact page.  In this case you have to re-design your website with good-looking design and easy navigation with responsive HTML layout, so user from mobile device also get good experience surfing of your website and easy to order your services or product.

Your website not searchable in Google or other search engine.

Search your business name in Google, is this you found all main pages links and listed your name in map location in main search of google. So, If not then it need to make optimization in your website pages. In each page URL add relevant title of your product or services, add little description mate in page along with main keyword of your product. (Make sure do not add Irrelevant and more description and keyword in list of title or in description area, that won’t work in SEO).  A proper On-Page and Off-Page optimized in your website will make move upside in search result on internet search.

Website loads very slowly.
Go to your website, and click on your main product or services page, is that take long time to open that page? If yes, then it need to optimize your website to open faster.  In this case you have to optimize the website code, images, and some scripts to load your website faster.
Lack of social media Connections.

Hope you have social pages on that you keep in touch with your friends and groups, right? Then; you it should linked your all social pages linked with your website. (Social pages like Facebook, Google+ Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram)

So in that case any user come from your website and like your social page that may add you in his network and he will get every social updates that you run on your social pages. Grow more social pages connection and share your post in internet that will give digital mileage of your web page.

Hope this article help you keep upgrade and update your internet presence. And if you are plan to your website re-design get free quotation