Good business card definitely give good impression of your business, however most important is you have your own business website. Without website URL in your business card it is like none of value of your business card.

In the edge of digital era, every business or person need website for online presence of business and products.

It’s estimated that there are roughly 4 billion peoples are using internet in smartphone or desktop. (Roughly expected to increase another 12% each year) All are searching for desire product and services online, so only having a good business card with your phone number and name is not enough in internet edge.

Once you have your own website; you are digitally visible across globe for 4 billion peoples they are connected with internet and searching.

So being an online presence with your website you are spreading your business and identity globally. People who are searching for any services or business that match with yours, they come through your website URL and contact you directly from your contact form, email or by phone call from the any corner of the world.

Through your website you can share brief information about your product or services, for every page of website it has particular page title, description and keyword related your business that give good mileage in search first your business.

So, if you don’t have your website, then it really you have to rethink about it, and plan out to develop a good website with responsive technology that really work for your business.

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